I think a pregnant mother is one of the most beautiful things ever. She glows with love and knowing that life as she knows it is just about to throw her the biggest curve ball yet. It's a time of solace for first time mom. A time of holding on for a second or third (or forth) time as she's thinking there's no way her heart can make enough room for another. I love to photograph these beautiful moments (and bellies). We will have fun and I'll make you feel comfortable with your changing body. I love getting close to these families as we all welcome their new little ones into the world!

Location - There are endless options to choose from, including indoor and outdoor settings.

What to wear - We recommend wearing something comfortable, but don't hide the bump. We want to see it! Clothes that are tighter fitting are usually best and more flattering.

When - Maternity pictures should be taken around 30 weeks as that is when your belly starts to get more rounded. Each pregnancy and pregnant belly is different, so it depends on your situation.

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