Twins Hannah + Connor {Greenville, SC Newborn Photographer}

The opportunity to photograph multiples makes me giddy! I was lucky enough to photograph another set last year (you can view that here) so I was thrilled when I was contacted to photograph these precious babies! A special note to anyone who ever wants to tackle photographing newborn twins...GET AN ASSISTANT! I had the pleasure of having a fellow photographer assist me with this shoot. She helped me keep them calm, aided in posing and spotting them, noticing little things I otherwise wouldn't have (without an extra set of eyes), and keeping me encouraged! While this shoot wasn't easy, it was really fun and really rewarding. I'm so happy with the sweetness portrayed between these two angels. I look forward to photographing multiples again! 

If you know someone expecting multiples and are interested in finding out more, call Mel at (864)979-5278 or email her here!